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The Perfect Wedding Dance 

Due to Covid19 we are temporarily closed.

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So bad, very 
scary dipping.
You don't want to look
like this at your wedding!
It means that you already think you can't dance before you've even given it a try.  Literally, it would be hard to dance with two left feet;  since logically we know you don't really have two left feet, you can learn to dance. 

90% of the couples that come in to see me for their first dance have never danced.  The first words out of their mouths " I have two left feet,  I have never danced and just want to get through the first dance without embarrassing myself."    Not a problem.

 If you can walk and count to eight I can teach you a first dance for your wedding day that will make you feel confident and impress family and friends as you glide across the dance floor.

To inquire about wedding dance lessons for those with two left feet:
2 Left Feet
What does "two left feet" mean?
You don't want to look like this at your wedding!
Bad dip, this couple was out of control.
No no no!  This is not good.
No no no! Not like this.