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The Perfect Wedding Dance 

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About Your Teacher...  Cindy Keeley Donaldson 
"Dancer's aren't made of their technique but of their passion" 

My mom put me in dance at the age of 3,  I fell in love with it and knew dance would be a part of my life always.  I considered becoming a jazz and contemporary instructor, but never really knew what my plan would be, I just knew I loved to dance.   I have over 25 years training in tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, adagio, hawaiian and tahitian and stage performance in the Los Angeles and Fullerton area.

I went to Hollywood High School where I took three years of dance production.  I attended Los Angeles School of Ballet, Moro Landis Dance Studio, Roland Dupree's and Joe Tremaine's.  I was fortunate to study with some of the best instructors in the industry and at the best dance studios in LA and the valley. I studied tap with the awe-inspiring Ted Howard who taught Donald O'Connor, hawaiian with the amazing Napua who you would recognize from the  movie South Pacific, I  trained with Steven Peck who introduced me to Adagio, my favorite dance. Steve taught me to dance with passion with a partner and stretched my love for dance.  I studied with, Ken Grant who performed on Captain & Tenille Show, Sonny & Cher, The Barbara Mandrell Show, and numerous others. Dennon Rawls and Sayber Sares, who choreographed "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" and "Staying Alive with John Travolta". Choreographers of Cyd Charisse, Ann Margarite,  I could go on and on, it's been an amazing learning journey.

Social dancing was never in the plan. I started country western dancing just for fun almost 30 years ago at a great little place called "Big Mikes". One night I was asked to substitute and was hired permanently, my son became my DJ and the rest is history. I have taught at Big Mikes, The Barn, Blazing Saddles, Country Rock Cafe, Dukes at the Newport Hyatt and other country western clubs and was a member of Country Nights Dance Club. I've done parties for TV shows such as "America's Funniest Home Video", yearly fundraisers for Big Brothers & Sisters of America, the Cancer Foundation, Saddleback Church singles, several Mexico cruises and Country Nights,  traveled and worked with many popular country western bands and some of the top country western radio DJ's, like the very fun Shawn Parr. 

I started taking numerous classes and workshops and attending conventions to learn all the social dances and then began teaching for the cities & school districts. City of Irvine, Laguna Hills, San Clemente and others.  I've worked hard to find all the small things that make these dances work for the beginning student just starting to dance.  I love teaching the wedding dances, each couple brings a different challenge and reward.

Dance is my passion and I feel very lucky to be able to open a door for others to learn and love dancing. It is so rewarding to take someone who never thought they could dance and introduce them to an activity that can change their lives in so many ways.


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