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The Perfect Wedding Dance 

Due to Covid19 we are temporarily closed.

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 About Our Lessons
Easy, affordable, and fun

You can learn your first dance in just a few lessons,  even if you've never danced a step.   You will get out of your lessons what you are willing to put into it, it's a learning experience that can be fun & rewarding.  It is important that you both want to invest the time in your lessons, and remember practice makes perfect.  

Our philosophy is "Keep it Simple".  A minimum of 4 lessons is suggested for you to feel confident with your dance, of course if you want to continue after your 4 lessons, no problem and 4 lessons are not required, each lesson will be paid as you go.  All of our lessons are private no shared dance floor.

Your lesson will be at the rustic Cedar Street Event Center, giving you the feel of a actual reception room where your guests will watch you glide across the dance floor. 

Private Lessons Available for: 

Bride & Groom First Dance, 
Father Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance
$50.00 per hour

Always dress comfortably and wear soft soled shoes, 
leather if possible but not required